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The Present Mainstrem Music

Current mainstream Nigerian music is appertained to as ‘ Afrobeats ’ or ‘ Afropop ’. Afrobeats is further of a descriptor of a emulsion of sounds from Nigeria and Ghana. It was originally confused with Afrobeat, to the misprision of avaricious Afrobeat suckers, who despised its trivial themes

Nigerians enjoy mainstream music in clubs, marriages, music carnivals, or just from road Anchorpeople. To be in the know, indeed before the internet catches wind, snare a blend CD from Alaba request or road peddlers or from a original DJ. Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage and Davido are some of the artists leading Nigeria’s mainstream music. Themes substantially revolve around love, wealth, partying, and some of society’s vices like online fraud. Afrobeats is the new global pop music and famed artists like Snoop Dogg, Drake and Ed Sheeran have banded with Nigerian artists.

Unlike other stripes, womanish vocalizers popularised jazz. Outside Lagos, Maud Meyer was Port Harcourt’s jazz squeeze . Adored by West- Africans, she vulgarized jazz in Eastern Nigeria. This interest in jazz set the pace for the Port Harcourt Jazz Festival. innovated in 1988 by the Port Harcourt Jazz Club, its first three times had performances by Dizzy Gillespie, Oliver Jones, and Embryo. This period was vital in cementing jazz as a major interest in the region. In the 1980s, Yinka Davies among others was central to keeping Nigerian jazz alive.

Our ethos is that all cultures share more similarities than differences. And through U.Mi-1’s all-embracing concept, you can connect with the heartbeat of the African continent. Owning a U.Mi-1 piece is not only owning a piece of culture but an acknowledgement of the statement that “We Are One”. We strive for perfection in all our processes. We give back by organizing workshops in orphanages, engaging children in artistic projects through our Live!U.Mi-1 initiative. The collections are exhibited in Paris and sold worldwide. Read more about our fascinating brand history U.Mi-1: Past, Present and Future.

Nigerian artists continue to produce innovative music, taking cues from the rich musical history before them. Music has been necessary in forming communities of people with analogous tastes. This is turn evolves that kidney.U.Mi- 1 wants to make a community. We believe a strong community is necessary in the elaboration of any creative art. We hope you continue to follow our trip. Let’s leave you with this study as you groove to our playlist of Nigerian music.


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