Jean selvege Gustin 16oz



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  • Marque: Gustin
  • Tailles pantalons: 40


Superbe jean Gustin dans le plus haut de leur gamme. Toile selvedge très texturée. Taille 35 réduite en 32 (jean non sanforisé à l’achat).

Description du site:
I think we can safely say this is the most insane selvedge denim we’ve come across. There’s a good chance that if you are quick enough to snag a pair you might actually hang it on your wall and never wear it . . . it’s that captivating. Brilliantly vibrant blue in color from pure plant indigo dye, monstrously slubby yarns for huge texture and 100% loomstate purity. This fabric is pure art. We did a triple take when the mill told us the price, it’s more than 6x the price of your average denim from Japan, but we just couldn’t resist offering it to you. Note: We recommend 3 up compared to your standard Gustin size.
This denim is from one of the finest mills in Japan. Their goal with this style was to take you back to the character of some of the first selvedge denim ever woven. The result is stunningly complex and beautiful. We see more fabric than you could imagine but never anything quite like this. It starts with color. The warp is dyed using pure plant dye indigo. This immediately sets the denim apart as this ancient and costly process is rarely used anymore. The color is stunning. It’s a bright, vibrant and pure indigo. There is even subtle variation in shade going slightly darker in some areas adding to the richness. When the fabric is washed it tightens up and the dye bleeds beautifully to create wonderful palette of blues. Next comes they yarn. This is hands down some of the most slubby yarn we’ve seen. Japanese mills have mastered beauty in irregularity and the rope-like yarns in this fabric literally lift the surface of the creating a depth that you’ll have to touch to believe. You will find yourself reaching to touch this denim all day. The slubiness also exposes more of the white weft, brightening up the surface. Finally, in true old-world fashion this denim is loomstate, meaning it has not been treated in any way. So much complexity, so much beauty. This is why we love denim so much.
We recommend sizing 3 up compared to your standard Gustin size. I wear a 31, so I would likely go for a 34 because I have a bit of room in my 31’s. You can influence how much your pair shrinks by how you wash it. We recommend cold soaking in the tub followed by a hang dry. This method will get you about two sizes of shrink and your denim will be super stiff at this point. You’ll probably be tempted to stand it up on its own and it might actually work. Throw them on and enjoy the break-in process! This is one of the greatest feeling fabrics we’ve ever tried on. To accommodate for the inseam shrinkage, we’ll be adding 2″ to all inseam lengths.
Given that this is such a unique and experimental fabric that will require soaking/washing before the first wear, we will not be able to take any returns or exchanges.
FIT Available in our Straight, Slim and Skinny fits.
FABRIC #276 Japan Loomstate Selvedge, 16oz pre-soak, Red ID
FINISH Raw, Contrast Stitching, Veg Tan Patch
TRIMS Custom hardware, 9oz natural leather patch
MADE IN California

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